Thursday, March 14, 2013

"I Work Ouut"

The Housewife here! Shocking I know....twice in one week. Pinterest is all the rage these days and while I'm frantically trying to commit to paint colors for my new house I pinned a treadmill workout. I do quite a bit of "fitness" pinning but to be honest have not really tried anything I've pinned. That is until TODAY.  I was a do-er and not just a pin-er.

via Self Magazine

Y'all this seriously kicked my butt at the gym today. I had to revise it a little because let's face it, I'm not in my fighting shape....yet I managed to do the ladder up to 7.5 but had to recover at a 3.5 pace walking for two minutes and I completed 4 rounds. I cooled down a bit and in 40 minutes my distance was 3.35 miles. I enjoy workouts like this when I'm not training for half-marathon or marathon distances because I'm so focused on watching the time and increasing the speed time just flies by. It's very different from when I have to log anywhere from 7-12 miles on a treadmill. I'm chained to the "dread-mill" because when you have children in the childcare center you can't leave the premises. Makes sense.

So if you need a good change up from logging regular old miles give this a try. It's going to be my new go to while I'm not training for any races. I'm going to try to complete two half-marathons this year, both in the fall. The Single Gal and Turtle had such a good time running the Athens Half we will probably do that one and maybe the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon. 2014 will be my marathon year. The Single Gal and I are out for lame Las Vegas Marathon of 2011 redemption. We are planning either Chicago or Marine Corps. I will probably vote for Chicago because I ran my PR there and we have a sweet Twitter friend who lives there and runs who made the twins the cutest little hats. Pictures to come!!

Remember, endorphins make you happy. Lets be happy!

The Housewife

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  1. I vote for Marine Corps! Jodi and I are eyeing Marine Corps 2014 for a comeback Marathon (for her) :)