Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

Just wanted to do a quick weekend re-cap! An important one since I met 3 Putt's "mum"! Eeep!

So Friday started out as a pretty decent day but took a real downhill slope after lunch. Long story about a case I did not want to evaluate that day but par for the course lately at work.  I really wanted to sneak out a few early so I could have some time to freak out if I needed to and simultaneously have time to wind down.  Except I got super wound up about work and it was a terrible afternoon so by the time my poor Dad called me on the way home I burst into tears and cried all the way home.   Not a huge deal but I definitely was not pleased that my face was going to be extremely puffy all night.  You know, because I'm not one of those pretty criers -- its all snot and a red face.   I can tell you Big John was not planning on talking to a hysterical female Friday afternoon, but he handled it super well so mad props to Dad. 

Dinner went well on Friday! Mrs. 3 Putt is super sweet.  She even brought me and Hogan some little presents and I thought that was so nice.  We met at 8 and I was home just after 10 to show Hogie his new collar and get ready for bed delivery the next day.  

Saturday was super hectic -- Mrs. 3 Putt wanted to come up to see Hogan {even though I have a feeling she probably wanted to further inspect me and my place}.  Wouldn't have been a big deal but y'all my bedroom was a straight disaster and I had no idea when the mattress people were coming and I was trying to frantically clean the whole time.  I have to say -- the timing barely worked out. I had just enough time to attempt my first effort and trying to make up that giant bed with all the new bed covers and shams.  I was still upstairs when they rang the doorbell.  

Saturday was probably the nicest time I had with Mrs. 3 Putt -- we took her to BBQ and came back to walk Hogan at the Greenway.  She was really enthusiastic about taking lots of pictures of me a 3 Putt.  And putting them on Facebook.  Let me tell you the one from dinner on Friday was not my best work by any means.  Definitely had puffy eye face. But it seemed to make her happy so there you go.  

I did regroup for a better pic on Saturday: 

And here is Hogie and your sneak peek of the new bed and sporting his new collar.

I know this bleeds into the week but Monday was a helluva day at work {they tend to be the worst lately} but I left the house with a sweet card in my car and found these when I came home.  Nice to have a little bit of Spring inside even if it's 30 degrees still. 

How was your weekend?

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~


  1. Do I spy horizontal stripes on your bed? Love. So glad everything went well!

    1. You do! You do! Waiting on bed skirt then can probably get some pictures up! Although the whole room is far from finished. Do the projects ever end?!