Friday, March 1, 2013

Buying and Selling

Housewife here to vent. We have decided to put our house on the market because as you all know we did some expanding recently. The market seems to be rebounding here. No ones taking you to the bank and you're not getting anything for a steal unless it's a short sale. That's just my unprofessional opinion though. It's HARD. My Dad always says, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Blah.  Our house showed 10 times in 5 days. Which is really great, except no offers. Freaking crickets. I live like a gypsy. I keep supplies in the van for the little people and just go from family member to family member's home to kill the time and vacate my house.......for NOTHING. I think I'd be happier if someone just made a ridiculously insulting offer. At least someone liked it enough to make one.

Only, then someone made us an offer. One we basically didn't even counter. Then they ended up countering themselves two more times and we got a contract. In 20 days. Put that in the real estate is great column. The home inspection went very well and now we are just waiting for the buyer's lender to send their appraiser. When I say wait.....we have been waiting and waiting. My agent's operations manager calls these people 3 times a day. Nada. More crickets. Also, we could not find a house. The market has such a shortage it's unbelievable. Houses go in 3 days sometimes, people are in bidding wars and are jumping list price by tens of thousands on some homes according to our agent. It's crazy! So truthfully we were jokingly saying we didn't really care if the deal fell through because we would be homeless.

Then, we found a house. We secured a contract fairly quickly. So now I'm excited, but we are still waiting on the appraisal on our house. I don't think there will be any issues but you never know. I want to know if my dream home hopes are going to be crushed. Put that I. The real estate is lame column. Know what else is lame? All these conditions and contingencies. I swear they could put a contingency in that said, "This sale is void if a double rainbow shines and there is a pot of gold with a leprechaun at the end of it before said date and midnight." So if we could just confirm the appraisal and get that out of the way everything should be good.  I'm crazy stressed right now. Also, I'm so not packing up anything until the appraisal is returned. Thankfully we have until the end of March but still. I have three small kids.  My apologies for a lack of blogging once again.

The Housewife

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