Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where I Try to Navigate the "Big Steps" of a Relationship

I worry that all this work lately has meant the death of The Single Gal.  I'm trying to hang in there folks.  Trying.  Worked late again tonight {shocker, I know}.  I tried to be a super hero and also go to the gym but I hit 27 minutes on the elliptical and called it quits.  Tuesday nights sleep was a bit rocky since 3 Putt helped me disassemble my current bed frame and take it to the garage so that all I have to do is shove around my mattress and box springs when my new mattress comes on Saturday.   I'm trying to keep my eyes on the fun stuff -- new mattresses, upcoming life news, dreams of spring {even though it's still freezing here}, starting new books, and taking big steps with 3 Putt.  

I was so frazzled with work a few weeks ago I forgot to tell y'all that we had dinner with my Big John and Pammie.  Like just me and 3 Putt.  And my parents.  I guess the good thing about being so busy and working so much was that I had almost zero time to get nervous and freak out about it.   I know it doesn't seem like a crazy big step to some of you but it is to me -- my fam will tell you I keep people in the closet.  Not because I am ashamed of them but because there is just no need for anyone that I'm just "dating" to meet them.  Also, this way when you break up there is just less explaining to do.  If 3 Putt was anything but calm and cool about it I didn't know.  Dinner went really well and since I had been working so much I actually just enjoyed being with everyone and having a night out rather than thinking of all the things on my "to do" list at work.   I texted Big John the next day and he said he enjoyed meeting 3 Putt and thought he was a "really nice guy".  Big words from Big John = happy Single Gal!

I bring up "The Dinner" because 3 Putt's mom is flying in from Scotland tomorrow.  And we are having dinner on Friday and Saturday.  SO nervous.  I have a zit brewing just underneath my left nostril -- you know, the kind that you can feel before they randomly well up into the size of an SJP beauty mark? I'm already pretty sad the weather still calls for sweaters because I would rather wear one of my pretty Lilly skirts but I know you can't have it all.  {blahblahblah} 3 Putt also swears that I'll not have trouble with her accent but I'm pretty sure I may spend part of dinner with the blank look I have on my face when I go to the nail salon.  Anyway -- wish me luck.  You girls know how it is meeting a man's mother.  It can be a tough arena.  

Also -- I really don't want this to become some "gush-about-your-boyfriend" platform but 3 Putt has been really great the last few weeks about putting up with my insanity.  First off -- he keeps saying he doesn't think I am acting insane {surely a fib} even when I am.  Second, he has been SO helpful in doing everything I ask or anything he can to make sure I'm not staying crazy stressed out all the time.  It's really nice.  Really, really nice actually.  

Is anyone else going through the crazy other than me and The Housewife? Drop a line. We are in the struggle, too. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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  1. I've been waiting for an update! Go girl, you will do wonderfully with Momma Putt (?).