Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Obsessions: {Cookbooks}

Ever since I mailed that damn Smitten Kitchen cookbook to Little A and had the chance to thumb through it on my visit I have been dying to have it for myself.  And that is just one among a few others. I tried some homemade bread yesterday -- not sure how I like the recipe or how it turned out.  It tastes really good -- it just didn't puff up like I wanted.  Guess I need more practice.  And Lord do I have to find someone to eat all these experiments besides myself! I could gain 5 pounds alone on that bread and I have a feeling the second loaf is going to turn into bread pudding by the weekend. 

Here are a couple cook books I've been thinking of ordering.  What do you like to use? Any favorites? Something I shouldn't be living without? 

The Lee Brothers have a new one out -- The Lee Brothers Charleston Kitchen.  And really I might need one of their other books, too? 

I know I would probably really like this one as well. 

find here

I am also a big fan of Ina.  Who doesn't like The Barefoot Contessa?  I saw a recommendation from another blog saying that this one of her books was a good one.  I feel like she legit does a lot of entertaining so I would trust her with some easy but elegant recipes.  Maybe not for me to make, but I'd like to grab the book to see if I could. 

Happy Monday everyone! 
Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~

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