Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Obsessions: New Bedding

As fun as booking a trip to the Dominican Republic for myself and 3 Putt was last week -- I also had some other big girl/grown up expenses.  Since The Housewife is moving the lovely bed I was "storing" for her in my guest room {aka - the only guest bed I have} will be going back to live at her pretty and amazing new house.  She closes in like two weeks.  Since Emily is using the guest room here until she buys something I obviously needed to find something for her to sleep on as soon as possible.  

After a lot of hemming and hawing I bit the bullet on a new mattress for my room -- a King size mattress for me {eep!} and will move my current queen mattress into the guest room.  Mainly I did this so I can get more dogs and we can all lounge comfortably on Saturday mornings.  While spending a gigantic amount of money on a mattress was not as fun as spending lots of money on vacation, I sure did have fun ordering new bedding this past weekend. I'll try to post some pics in a couple weeks once all the chaos of deliveries, moving mattresses to other rooms is completed and bedding orders have been received.  Until then I thought I'd give a sneak peek of what I went with in the end for my new linens. 

{dear Lord don't let me regret it because you can't return monogrammed shit.}

{west elm gray striped duvet} 

I liked this pic even though it shows twin beds because you can also see the Euro shams, regular shams, and the duvet.  I also grabbed plain white king shams in their "pintucked" fabric to add some "texture". I hear you are supposed to try to have that when you decorate.   I really thought I would do plain white everything and find some jazzy pillows but I just couldn't do it.  This is bold and clean -- and I liked the feeling of it.  Also, can we talk about how all my shams together cost more than the duvet?! Sheesh. 

And maybe after taxes have been paid {still haven't done that yet} and the bank account is replenished I can show you a headboard that I would like to attach to this king bed I just bought.  

Love you. Mean it. 

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