Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekend Recap - Single Gal Edition

All in all, it was a really great weekend.  I'm having a few blues lately because as a golf pro 3 Putt's summer hours are very long and frequent.  Some days its hard for me to eat dinner at 8:30 p.m.  So, this weekend we mandated a Friday date night since 3 Putt was off fairly early.  Actually, I felt like we were in that couples rut of just saying, "Oh hey, where do you want to eat tonight" so I nixed that talk and asked 3 Putt to just plan it all out and pick me up.  We had an amazing meal on a beautiful patio at Vin 25 in Roswell.  I may have had too much wine -- but we were just having such a good time! It made my 5 mile run with The Housewife in 100% humidity very hard the next day. 

3 Putt/beautiful patio at Vin 25

Meanwhile, Hogan is still wondering why Rocky hasn't left....

In other noteworthy news, I think my hunt for an affordable maxi dress that I really love is over.  I made the executive decision to comb through TJMaxx on my way home from work Friday and it paid off.  I snagged a Walter Baker 118 printed maxi for $40 that was originally $200 (I truly did feel like a "Maxonista") and a black Jersey one for $39.99 with a racer back.  

Spoils from TJMaxx

3 Putt is the master of breakfast.  Any time he makes something involving poached eggs it turns out beautifully.  

Took the new guy to the vet.  The were in emergency surgery so we have to go back for a few things on Friday.  Also note that the reason his nails are so long is probably because he freaks out like crazy when you just look at his feet.  So...he's probably going to have to be sedated to get them clipped.   But seriously, his Bon Qui Qui nails have Got. To. Go. 

Had a happy Sunday morning! 

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