Thursday, July 11, 2013

What Makes You Happy?

Lately I've been thinking a lot about where I was and what I was doing this time last summer as opposed to this summer.  I ran a lot.  I was sad a lot.  I probably wrote what was my most popular post of all last summer about my split with 3 Putt.  I felt foolish.  I saw my friends a lot.  I read lots of books.  Later on, Em came to live with me.  I took my first week long vacation in years.  I've seen two jobs come and go in that time.  I have felt lots of love around me. 

It's pretty crazy how far you can come in one year.  A whole journey that even I couldn't have imagined.  And I sure tried.  Any given day try to look back and think what you were doing and where you were a year ago -- it really can freak you out.  I never would have told you that I would be here.  With a new job.  With the person I love.  With a new dog.  Stronger friendships.  New friendships.  Lots of summer rain.  Flowers on the patio that are actually still alive.  I still feel lots of love around me.  Some things don't change.  

What I really focused on this week was feeling happy.  Obviously there were things I did last summer and things I have done this summer because they have made me happy.  Some are the same and very constant.  Others are a bit different from the year before.   And I felt like they were worth listing.  And if you would care to leave a little comment on anything that makes you happy, well that would make me happy.  

walking the dogs


fresh flowers


nail polish


my sweet nieces (got two more after last summer!)

new beginnings

a certain tall, redhead 

laughing with my best girlfriends

a glass of red wine

a good, long run 

summer storms

~the single gal~

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