Monday, July 29, 2013

{Case of the Mondays}

I'm having a grumpy Monday.  Just "one of those".  You know -- no matter how many deep breaths you take everything annoys the crap out of you -- from talking to people at work, to your nose running, to it being that point in the summer where its just SO DAMN HOT  (even though we have actually had a very forgiving July here in The S outh).  Sometimes on days like this I also seem to let just plain insanity seep in.  Example: I didn't get to leave work on time and even though I left just a few minutes late there were still a million things to do but I wanted to attend my Monday gym class.  Because I vowed to go every Monday night until vacation.  I went.  But I was pissed that I went. It wasn't awful but I just didn't want to be there.  But...I would have also been pissed if I stayed home and missed class.  See -- I'm legit making zero sense.  

Anyway, I was sitting here in bed and just trying to think of the things that just make me feel good.  Instead of all the things that make me annoyed, or things that make me feel blah and angry and frustrated and crazy. 

Here is my Monday list: 

New shoes. Legit in my closet.

JCrew Factory Olive Cap Toe Pumps
{for those of us that can't afford Etta}

Snuggles with the dogs.  Seriously -- you can't even be unhappy because of all the gentle sweetness and cuteness of the pets.  

Being in love. 

Seeing your friends succeed and meet goals in their personal lives. 

Knowing on Friday after work I will be Savannah bound for Girls Weekend and a beach day at Tybee. 

What do you do to get through a bad day? 

~the single gal~

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