Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Recap - The Wedding Date

Not a super eventful weekend for this Single Gal. Or I guess I just didn't take a lot of pictures. I got in a nice dinner date with 3 Putt on Friday night, a run with The Housewife, cleaned the downstairs, walked the dogs, and had a lazy Sunday that involved me watching 2 seasons of Suits. 

I guess the big thing was that I FINALLY got attend a wedding with an actual plus one. Not a hasty selection just to have someone there but attending with my special someone. What a wonderful thing! As you all know I have been going the wedding gig alone for a bit. I'm not bitter about it -- all those weddings were fun but it is different to have a full dance card rather than squeezing in with your Dad and brother-in-law or even making The Housewife do the electric slide with you. Like I didn't have to drive myself there. Pull out my own chair. Suffer the nudges for all the "Single Gals" to run up front to catch the bouquet. And trust, when you are 30, it's just you and like 3 high school girls out there that are cousins of the bride.  

It was a really different night for me and 3 Putt. As long as we have known each other we were really never in "that place" where you go to weddings, family events, etc. We danced for the first time. He wore his suit.  We shared wedding cake. Had too much wine. 

It was really nice. 

Beautiful church at Agnes Scott College where Beth and Rick had their ceremony! 

One of our two decent pics of the night (Preesh on the no filters Instagram). 

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