Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Reading

I have had a love of reading ever since I can remember. I worked hard every summer to get summer reading points and personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut. We grew up reading R.L. Stein, The Babysitters Club, and Sweet Valley High. While I'm sure we watched plenty of TV when we were younger we also played outside quite often and read many books. I have books that are my favorites and ones that I will always read over and over again. July always reminds me of Harry Potter because I believe all the release dates for the new book were in July. My mom was always kind enough to pre-order copies for all three of us. I tend to re-read the 6th or 7th Harry Potter every July. In fact, I was returning home from my honeymoon and couldn't wait for my copy back home in the States, especially with such a long flight, and purchased the 5th book at the airport in London. The one published for UK has a different cover. I'm not sure I have even cracked the spine of my original 5th book since I had the UK copy. I love books that are a series, trilogy, etc. I suppose if I really love the book and the characters it's awesome that they continue in another book. So here are some summer read suggestions!

Single Gal has posted about this book before and I started it a few days ago. Love, love, LOVE! I mean, as long as you're into historical fiction and time traveling....which we are. It makes me a little sad it's on my kindle because I tend to want the books I adore on my bookshelves. Even though I do agree with Single Gal's point of such a large book being easier to tote around. It's also a series so even more points for this.

Also a series. I just finished the third book and it was wonderful. The second one was also very good but this one and the third one are my favorite. I lucked out and have been able to borrow each of these via my prime account on Amazon. I love a library I don't have to drive to or re-check out a book every two week. I have no time for that. 

Susanna Kearsley has quickly become a favorite author of mine. I read this at the beach last summer which I had thankfully ordered it as an actual book because there was The Death of the Kindle. While I love my Kindle Paper White batteries do die and electronics can meet an untimely death. If you drop a book well, it just makes a loud noise. I want to order her new book The Firebird and The Winter Sea is an all time favorite. 

Anyone reading any other good books you can send our way? Happy reading! 

The Housewife

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