Sunday, April 27, 2014

Case of the Sundays

I would work on some sort of intro but I have seriously been so tired I cannot even think straight since Wednesday afternoon.  I had the pleasure of attending 40 hours of training for a state exam I need to take for work this week and on top of everything else going on I'm waiving my white flag.  I've been tucked in my bed since 8:00 p.m. and I'm hoping to nod off soon.  I was so tired this afternoon that I was too tired to take a nap.  Don't you hate when that happens? I mean my brain won't stop drifting over to worrying and insurance forms and new job anxiety and a number of other things.  2014 remains to be a year of great joy and celebration along with great heartache and hardship.  There is just no middle ground.   I have an eye twitch.  It happens when I get stressed.  Sometimes it stays for months.  OY. 

High points of the weekend -- morning runs, step class, taking a break from studying to go to the Atlanta Food Truck park to meet up with some of my favorite friends Saturday night, and a trip to the library.  

Low points: 3 Putt had a big tournament so we never saw each other except to say "goodnight" or "good morning", studied about 4 hours Sat/Sunday, and essentially just feeling really grumpy about life but only because I'm so sleepy.  

Other confessions -- I'm nervous about going back to work.  I guess now that my first week of training/getting set up is pretty much over and I've done my training class I have to actually DO stuff.  Which means I have to figure out exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. I am seriously jazzed about a new career step but it doesn't mean it's not stressful on a large level.  We are pushing comfort zones hard in 2014.   I know this is good for me.  I know the reward will be incredible.  I know I am really lucky.   It's just hard for me to see this rainy Sunday night.  

Anyone else have a case of the Sundays? I'm hoping for a bright, happy Monday! 

the single gal

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