Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Obsessions

We missed Monday but I've come across some recent items that I feel are noteworthy so we are doing obsessions a day late.  We ended up in Savannah this weekend visiting our good friend so we are behind schedule. 

My step mother gave me this sample the other day.  I applied it right after the shower and it's really good.  Went on easily, decent color, didn't make my hands look weird, doesn't smell bad.  I've been working it up for a wedding this weekend so my legs don't scare people.  I ordered the real size yesterday for $40.00.  Totally worth it because who knows when I will get to lay out with this crazy weather.  I ordered direct from Lancome this week with 10% back on ebates and a code for lots of samples. 

Also with tanning gel season we get Jorts season.  I grabbed these on sale.  I sized up on purpose because I wanted to be able to breathe and relax in them and not have them tight.  I'm glad I did but the reg size probably woudl have fit okay too.  These are a steal for $25.00!

I can't link up my other obsession but I'm here to share that I've lived in my town forever and have neglected to get a library card.   I'm going to have a bit of a commute in the mornings and I went yesterday do register and checked out some books and an audio book! It was super exciting and fun.   I'm a nerd.  

Happy Tuesday! 

~the single gal~

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