Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scenes from Our Week

We bought a new dishwasher almost two weeks ago. Our current appliances are probably original to the house, which is around 10 or 11 years old. They are older , black GE models. We blew it out and got a Bosch. They don't have a heating element. Obviously in accordance with Newton's Law, our microwave range broke seven days after our dishwasher purchase. You can see the empty space behind No. 1. 

I was able to help out with No. 1's Easter party at school this week. We did a short egg hunt on the play ground, some crafts and a snack. My child explained, "You should work harder hiding the eggs next time." She loves a challenge. 

We spent the afternoon at my Mom's on Saturday. A rare side by side shot of the twins. They are 17 months old. They are both cutting the top and bottom canine teeth and it's been about 10 days of hell. Cranky and clingy to the max. The only benefit of whatever they are going through is that they have been day sleeping a lot. 

I'm counting down the weeks until they come to level our yard and sod it. We had all those trees taken down and now it just dirt, some grass and ant hills. I hate all the ants. I'm terrified of one of the kids getting into a big mound. New mission:kill.all.the.ants. Here is No. 1 "cycling." 

I'm just trying to breath deep, eat cleaner and exercise more frequently these days. Ready for summer. Anyone else? 

The Housewife 

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