Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Five

Did we like that this week fell away from me so much that I posted "Wednesday Photo Dump" on Thursday? Sheesh. It's been a lovely, busy last week before work.  We are hosting 3 Putt's mom this week before she travels on to Palm Key for work.  I sent them to The Masters today without me since we are dress shopping tomorrow.  As much as I love and worship The Masters it's a really long day and I want to be as fresh as I can so I can make a decision tomorrow morning. 

1.  Since we are entertaining we have been making all the rounds out to eat this week.  Luckily I have had time for the gym so I've been able to enjoy lunch at Murphy's and  Salt Factory, dinner at Nino's, and a lunch at King + Duke today.  It's also worth noting that King + Duke will start offering brunch this month as well! 

2.  I'm still looking for my white jeans in case anyone finds them.  I refuse to buy another pair! 

3. Iced coffee is my life this week. 

4. Fresh flowers in the house just make life a lot better.  

5.  The Dogwood Festival is here and will be through Sunday this week! I'm stopping by with Elise and her little one this afternoon for some sun, fun, art, and maybe a few cold brews! Check it out! 

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