Monday, April 14, 2014

Recap: The Single Gal Goes Back to Work

Well, I did it.  Monday marked my day of rejoining the working world.  Like most first days go it was very painless.  I was prepared for my decent commute with my audio book and a cup of coffee that I carefully sipped without spilling on my new office dress.  Obviously I was already off to a successful start and I hadn't even walked through the doors yet.  

Ended up in my gray office dress -- here was the pic once I got home (hence all the wrinkles). 

These people must think I am legit.  They are letting me order business cards and I have a laptop! And my boss already came up to let me know he wants me to go in and meet a client that will be in town this week on an account I will be working on with the team.  I work on the 23rd floor in a big building in Buckhead now which is such a different environment than where I was my last few claims jobs.  I think getting into the new routine is going to tire me out this week but I feel so happy and excited and blessed to have this opportunity.  Sad news -- I sat through a week long licensing class when I first started working claims and then took my adjuster's exam.  I now have to sit through the same class all next week and sit for an agent exam.  Sigh.  But very cool they are paying and letting me go during the work week -- some offices don't do that for you.  Everyone at the office was incredibly nice to me, especially my new boss.  I legit think we are going to really get along and that he will be a great mentor for me.  

Hey look it's my cube! Needs some decor. 

I am sure I will have some rough days ahead because I will be learning a lot and I am bound to make mistakes but for this week I am determined to hold on to my rosy and hopeful outlook for the future.  Thanks for all the sweet calls and emails and texts and tweets wishing me luck on my first day! Y'all really know how to make a girl smile.

I think the funniest part of the day was that the pay period ends on the 15th at my new company so I came home after one day of work and had a tiny paycheck in the mailbox already! 

~the single gal~

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