Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesday Photo Dump: Edinburgh

I forgot that I never shared some pictures from our last Scotland excursion! Life got busy! On our last full day Matt and his parents and sister were really good sports about being tourists and we all went into Edinburgh to see Edinburgh Castle. It was definitely one of out colder days out but it was really fun and beautiful. 

Picture right before we entered the castle. I believe the tour is about £20 per person and we participated in the little free tour which was short, fun and informative. 

One of many selfies. We were trying to get the lovely view but we filled up the screen. 

3 Putt and his Dad. 

Finally - blue sky in Scotland!

3 Putt and family!

I thought 3 Putt was taking a photo the other way and not a selfie. Accidental bomb there. 

Probably my favorite picture of all time. Love 3 Putt's Dad in the background with the piper. 

After our tour we wandered into the Greenmarket area (I think?) to find a pub for lunch! We ate at the lovely Beehive. And lunch would not be complete without a family photo. We didn't quite get everyone in but we tried! 

Happy Wednesday! I think that wraps up travel posts (two months after our trip!). 

-the single gal-

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