Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Catching Up

Well, I'm not sure what happened last week but sorry for the disappearing act. Things were a little busy with the bathroom project (more on this later) and spending Thursday and Friday at The Mart helping with Fall market for some extra bones.  I have to say I had a nice time at the Mart.  I managed to score some cheap parking both days downtown and since I had actually never been allowed entry into the Mart before it was really neat to go to our big one in Atlanta.  I even got a nifty black utility coat out of the deal.  Can't wait for it to come in. I also perused the wedding dress boutiques.  Note that Sherri Hill reps were SUPER rude and ridiculous.  Never send your money there. 

I was trying to think of what to write about and realized that I could still gush about my little black dress from H&M that I sported at my cousin's wedding this weekend or Flash Bronzer but we have already done that. I'm winding down unemployment and trying to fit as many things as possible into my last week while also spending time with 3 Putt's mom while she is in town.   It's going to be hectic but I guess that's a good warm up for being gainfully employed again.  I'm super scared to start something SO new but also super excited.  Lots of "super" in there, I know.  

This is actually a huge week so I'm going to try my best to keep us all updated.  First, it's Christmas.  And when I say Christmas I mean it's MASTERS WEEK.  We had tickets this year but ended up selling them because I didn't have a job.  I knew that would mean I would have a job by the time the tournament got here but we decided that the money would be better spent paying bills.  So, hopefully I will win the ticket lottery again and we can go next year!  

We also have ALL THE BIRTHDAYS this week...#3 Putt's mom, my dad, and my little sister.  Really looking forward to actually seeing everyone on their birthday and lots of celebrating on Masters Sunday with the fam per tradition.  The Housewife and I are meeting some internet twin friends for a weekend brunch and there is also wedding dress shopping this weekend.  Until then I'll be at the gym, spending time with the dogs, and taking as many long lunches as I possibly can.  

Happy Tuesday! 

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