Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Fridays

Last weekend we took #1 to a local Fall Festival and picked out some pumpkins. We carved the big pumpkin last night and she was very excited about that. Turtle let her stick her hand inside the pumpkin and feel how "slimy" it was- she was not a huge fan. Once we got the pumpkin carved we put a candle in it which to her meant it was the pumpkins birthday and we sang Happy Birthday to the pumpkin several times.

Meet "Jack," short for Jack O Latern. We put him out on the porch with her little pumpkin now known as Jack, Jr. There were lots of tears when bedtime came around because she couldn't stay outside with Jack and Jack Jr.

#1, Jack Jr and Jack

I hope y'all have a good weekend. The Single Gal is pretty much going to have to be hospitalized for exhausting from too much dating. Hogan is coming over for a slumber party tonight. Someone tell The Single Gal she is running a half-marathon on Sunday and not completing a dating half-marathon.

Still need to get some minor baby stuff accomplished this weekend. The nursery is basically done and I'm waiting on a sofa to come in for the room. We still have practically no diapers for these babies.  That's what you do as a second time parent- just simplify the prep by not prepping at all. I figured when we actually go to the hospital or have our scheduled induction we will just Amazon Mom several boxes to the house along with anything else we might still need last minute. Isn't the internet the greatest?

The Housewife

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