Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hogan Gets Good News. And Stars in a Home Video.

Well, the vet called! {finally!!} Hogan's bump is not a mast cell tumor.  Now, it is either a reg tumor (not sure the difference) that just isn't releasing cells hardly ever or Fibrosis (scar tissue stuff?) which is uber harmless.  Obviously they wouldn't know for sure unless they lanced that sucker off and did a fully biopsy...BUT the vet said due to the location of 
the lump if they biopsy it they would have to remove his outside toe. Based on what they told me, I talked with the vet and we are just monitoring the lump.  I don't see any need for a drastic surgery that would end up removing a toe.  Now, if it starts growing, bleeding, or appears to be painful to him -- that's another story.  For now, we are keeping all limbs and not worrying much about The Lump. 

I knew Little Baby Jesus would not have me crying any more tears than have been necessary for 2012! I waited until after our walk last night to tell Hogan the good news and took the opportunity for a home video.

A few precursors to your viewing - 

1. I apparently thought I had to speak really loudly for the microphone to pick up the sound of my voice. Wrong. It sounds like I'm yelling.  Sars. 

2. We are not cinematographers here. No judgement.

3.  Seriously don't try to tell me that Hogan isn't legitimately smiling at the news! 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the {very happy} single gal~

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