Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Obsessions: The Mindy Project + Some Other Stuff

Whew.  Y'all, The Housewife is right. I am exhausted. Or whatever is more exhausted than a normal level of exhaustion.  Serious thanks to her for keeping the blog going because I have barely been home.  

I am excited to be back.  I am especially excited to talk about my newest TV obsession - The Mindy Project.  I mean, as someone who is hardly ever home and usually doing a ton of other things that don't ever involve watching TV it's a pretty big deal for me to stop and tune into a show on the day it actually runs.  Mindy Kahling was good on The Office.  But she is fabulous on her new show.  I probably like this because I kind of feel like this is my life right now. 

Are you watching it?! Discuss. 

A few side notes.  I totally have a great weekend recap in the works for y'all! 


A few things that just couldn't wait. 

After two amazing date nights with TDH who finally made another appearance in Atlanta I actually rushed home for lunch an hour early because I had a call from a florist about a delivery.  I. Almost. Died.  Never, have I ever received a flower delivery.  And it's beautiful. And perfect.   And I can't stop looking at it.  Like I legit want to carry it around with me so I can have it in whatever room I happen to be sitting in at home. 

instagram of the day #1

and now I'm just plain gushing. 

I also took this before I started my race! Turtle and I had a wonderful early morning in Athens this weekend for the Half Marathon.  And trust me when I say, I ran like hell on Sunday.  And for me to do that when I have felt beyond tired since Thursday was a big day. 

beautiful starting line for the Athens Half. 

I also came home to some sweaters I ordered from The Gap in my mailbox today. 

I may have just had the best Monday of my life.  I hope you all did, too! 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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