Monday, October 29, 2012

36 Weeks

Well.....I only have two weeks left. I'm feeling torn in many different ways about this. I'm not one to complain about pregnancy....ask anyone who knows me. But I'm having a really hard time these days.     I'm tired....yet I feel like I haven't done anything to warrant being so tired. This makes my patience level for #1 wane and I hate that. I am to the point that anything that falls on the floor is going to stay on the floor. Having to pick something up these days is like a beached whale trying to get back into the ocean.  I can still shave my legs but the trying to maintain the lady parts is like Helen Keller with a sharp object. It's just not right.

I'm tired of going out in public and have people stare at me and ask me dumb questions. I have no desire to talk to you about being pregnant, when I'm due or that I'm having twins. I have about 4 things that fit me right now. None of them look very attractive anymore. Plus, it's getting colder. I do not have anything for cold weather.....not really. Seriously, nothing looks good. You try being "stylish" while you're pregnant.....good luck.

My father-in-law asked me yesterday what the plan was if I went into labour while Turtle was at work. Hmmm...had not really gotten past getting #1 to my mother-in-law. I'd probably call The Single Gal and meet her at her office so she could drive me down. I can't pack a bag because I wear everything that fits me.

I am also struggling because I do not want to be induced. I want to go into labour on my own. They have expressed very clearly they do not want me to go longer than 38 weeks. Both babies are head down and I'm afraid pitocin will cause them unnecessary stress and possibly trigger a c-section. I do feel like I should stay pregnant until 38 weeks and would probably feel really guilty about this post if  I went into labour earlier.  We will see what hey say at the doctor tomorrow. It's cervical check week.  I'm sure nothing is happening and I will burst into tears on my way home.

I hope y'all had a great weekend!
The Housewife
The Housewife

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