Friday, October 26, 2012

R and R

Good morning! What a glorious week it has been! Granted, I may have been floating on a little cloud leftover from last weekend -- but I had a short work week and I am pleased to say that I have mandated a week long gym/running hiatus along with lots of rest and relaxation at home this week.  Since I am out of town this weekend my most important tasks were resting my body and being at home for as much quality time with Hogan as he can absolutely stand.  Em has been home a lot this month and I actually felt like I got to see her a good bit as well. 

Some things I have been enjoying: 

Reading! Even though my Kindle bit the dust I am still working on the 2nd book in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series Dragonfly in Amber. It's not as gripping for me as the first book, but it finally picked up a lot for me midway through.  While I really recommend the first, I'm not so sure I will send you down the 1,000+ pages of the second one.  But seriously - I sat down and read for 2 hours straight on a weeknight! This never happens.  

Long chats, pizza dinners, and wine with Em at home! We tried the Dave Matthews collab brand and it was delish! Beautiful bottle -- and my most favorite Dave Matthews song "Dreaming Tree".  

A spur of the moment trip has also been planned.  Little A asked me ages ago if I wanted to come up for her 30th birthday when she was traveling and I really wasn't sure if it was in the budget.  But now that Em is my sometimes roomie when she isn't traveling I swore that I would not shop or even get Starbucks on the reg all of November so that I could go for a super long weekend.  Also, TDH is taking me off her hands later that weekend for our own bit of time in NYC.  I figure I can live through the cold for a few days to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations, drink hot chocolate, watch Little A shop, and eat wonderful food.  It's been almost a year since I got on an airplane. It's time.  

But for now...

This weekend I am headed down to Jacksonville for the Cocktail Party.  The weather is supposed to be terrible.  And the forecast for the Dawgs ability to beat the Gators is also terrible.  This, however, does not change the fact that I will be with my wonderful friends with plenty of cold beer and at least a memory of the last time I went to Jacksonville years ago when we actually won. 

Go DAWGS!!!! 

What do y'all have planned for this weekend? 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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