Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

I was originally going to throw some of this stuff into my Sunday post, but it seemed too long and unorganized.  Again, aside from that awful, awful GA game {we can add that to the ever growing list of things that I'm not over yet} there was a lot going on.  

I finally caught up with a good friend from my old office who just came over to work at my new office with me {yay}.  We still sit by each other but work is so busy we just never get to sit down and talk.  We had a fabulous time and fabulous margs at my fave place PURE Taqueria. 

Because the weather was going to be fabulous on Saturday and Big John hasn't winterized the boat yet me, Dad, and Pammi opted for a Champagne Breakfast Cruise on Lanier prior to #1's Birthday party.  Because it was so cool that morning I brought Hogan along for his very first boat ride! I did have to pick him up and put him in the boat because he was scared, but I think that he had a wonderful morning as our co-captain {and designated driver}.  It went really well until we were docking and he jumped out of the boat and tried to run away. Luckily he turned right so he was headed for a dead end and I was able to grab him on his way back.  Needless to say he got a long lecture about his life with me where he rides in boats loaded with champagne, has healthcare, plenty of prescription food, toys, and a warm dry place to sleep at night in my care.  

So. Stinking. Cute. 

I literally raced to The Housewife's house for #1's Birthday party right after {but an hour late. Oops.}.  I was supposed to make my popular party dip but only had time to buy artichoke dip at Publix because I stayed at happy hour too long Friday night and never made it to the grocery store.  {Sorry Housewife.  I got single probs.}

I didn't snap any great photos because I was toting around The Housewife's fancy camera in hopes of getting at least 5 good shots from all the birthday festivities of her and her family so she didn't have to worry about taking them and could be in the pictures as well.  We had a wonderful afternoon with family and friends! 

A few other tidbits: 

I did finally work out some of my own chambray style.  I like what happened here. Even if the photo isn't great quality {read: I have a job and a real life so no one follows me around to photograph my outfits like other blogs you read}.  I'm a big fan of that skirt and would also like to find something else to wear with it. 

My Kendra Scott earrings that I ordered from a Gilt sale while on vacation arrived.  They are stunning.  Really gigantic, but stunning.  I have already had so many complete strangers stop me and ask where I got them.  I can't find them on the website currently, and I am not even sure what the style name is so I guess they were cleaning out some old inventory.  This is an Instagram because my other photo didn't really make the colors stand out.  They are purple and blue. And look much better in real life than this picture. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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