Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We headed to the doctor on Election Day thinking that we would be starting induction that Friday. At this point, the midwife walked in and basically asked us when we were having these babies. We discussed some things and then she gave us who was scheduled and what day that week. The only midwife I knew was on for Wednesday. Turtle really didn't want to go in on Tuesday night but he said that was fine. A doctor is also always present during a twin delivery but I had never met any of them and it didn't matter to me. We came home, packed and went o my in-laws to spend time with #1 before we left. She was having so much fun playing and old us, "Byeeeee. have a good timeeeee." Crazy kid.

We got checked in at 8:30 pm. Watched the Election coverage. Went to bed disappointed. I didn't get any sleep between the nurses constantly coming in to adjust the monitors to pick up the babies heart rates and the noise of those automatic double doors right outside our room. Then at 4:30 am I was awakened by screams. A nurse came in shortly after so I asked her if a baby was born and she said yes. A lady came in and delivered in 20 minutes. The nurses call those "drive by's.". I made Turtle wake up at 5. The doctor came by at 8 to chat and we really liked him. He explained everything and also told us they would be using a vacuum on Baby B to make sure she was in the birth canal and didn't turn but not for extraction. Pitocin started at 8:30 and almost 4 cm by 11. The midwife was going to break my water but it was a bit uncomfortable so we called for the epidural and yes I was feeling my contractions. I was trying to get to at least a 4 before getting the epidural. My epidural was much better than the one I had with #1- which they had to do twice. Started feeling a little pressure at 1:20 pm and called for the midwife....dilated to a 7. Then called again shortly after and it was time. I think the nurse was afraid I was going to push before everyone got there because she kept telling me not to.

Then the room was flooded with people. I'm talking about at least 20 people. 2 pushes and Baby A (Hadley) was born. Se did cry but I could tell it wasn't a great cry. They took her to the bed and started the evaluation. More people come in the room. Then things get dicey. The midwife was up on the bed running the ultrasound and the doctor keeps yelling something about not finding heart tones. They are not telling me to push. Then I hear the nurse calling for an OR. Still not telling me to do anything. Then they tell me I can push but I have to push hard because if I don't hurry then I'll have to get a c-section. In the moment I wasn't really thinking about those negatives, I was actually ready to tell them to just take me if that's what they need to do. So I pushed....and it was hard. I couldn't feel the baby coming down like I did when I delivered Hadley. I kept pushing and finally she came with the help of he vacuum. Poor kid was probably born with a headache. Still concerns about both babies and if they have to take them anywhere. Turtle checks on them. They decide Hadley needs to go to transitional nursery. They were unnamed at this point because I couldn't really hold them and look at them. Harper got o stay and Turtle went with Hadley. The doctor said I did a good job. He said his other concern was that my heart rate had dropped to the 50s and that was part of the reason for calling for an OR to be prepped. Hadley was back with us within three hours and checked out fine. There were concerns about her breathing but she never needed oxygen.

Hadley Elizabeth born at 1:42 pm 6 pounds 7 ounces.

Harper Leighton born at 1:49 pm 6 pounds 12 ounces.

I wish we had more birth pictures but it was really insane with so many teams of people working on me and the girls. I hope this wasn't too long. It felt like they were born 30 minutes apart and not just seven. I labored by typing this out on my iPad.....sorry if any typos.

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