Monday, November 5, 2012

Confessions of a Pregnant Housewife

I was hoping to be that super trooper lady pregnant with twins who could make it to 40 weeks but I'm 37 weeks and grateful they will hopefully schedule induction for Friday. (FYI for anyone new my practice will not let me go past 38 weeks so skip the comments that 40 weeks is ideal.)

I'm glad we were tired and taped the last half of he Alabama game Saturday because it probably would have sent me into early labor. Happy for a win in Death Valley. 

I'm still slightly hopeful there is a small chance I will go into labor naturally before I laugh in my own face. Sigh. 

I'm highly curious about the weird deflation of my stomach that will hopefully occur once the babies are delivered. 

If you are a family member reading this, I have NOT actually scheduled anything with the doctor for delivery. I will call YOU when that has actually happened. Do not call me freaking out that I have not told you something. 

I have not packed a bag yet. I did pack some baby outfits though. 

While I'm totally not into an only child scenario I am secretly afraid having more children will ruin #1's life. I know this will pass....or she can find a good therapist to bitch about me to. 

I think all doctors tell poor pregnant ladies they are 1 cm at this point....conspiracy theory. 

A slightly uncomfortable & grumpy housewife

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