Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Trifles

Well, the weather has finally turned here in Georgia.  I don't feel prepared at all especially since I was in Florida last weekend where the weather was still pretty mild, albeit windy.  I usually prefer to totally hibernate and stay indoors during winter but I am not one to deny Hogan walks unless its extra frigid or rainy outside.  So I have needed some new footwear for some time because of this. And I mean legit footwear. Warm footwear.  I'm also on a mission since I think I may freeze to death and do a lot of walking while I am in New York at the end of November. 

So for now, I give you The Great Boot Dilemma of 2012. 

Option 1: Sperry Shearwater Boots

Plaid and Charcoal. $98. Can be found at Nordstrom here.
JCrew edition Sperry Shearwaters.  $138. Found here.

Or...I could grab the Hunter boots I have been coveting for well over a year.  And while it's doubtful { chance} I will come close to resembling the ever chic Kate Moss I would probably really like these, too.

Option 2: Hunter Original Wellies

Black Hunter Wellies. $135.  Found here.

Obviously I can't have both in the immediate future.  And, sometimes I have issues with tall boots.  I kind of hate my over the knee ones most days.  I feel like I can't move around in them.  One thing that makes me lean towards the Shearwaters is the fact that my Sperry boat shoes were quite possibly one of the most comfortable pair of walking shoes I have ever had.  I wore them out.  But if I get the Shearwaters which pair do I get? Expensive, jazzy JCrew color...or cute charcoal plaid? 

Or just tell me what boots you have that you like.  Or about any of your Saturday trifles. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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