Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Nursery

I will make this a quick post. I had a lot of fun doing this room for the girls and had to force the Turtle to help me with an incredible wall stencil to ensure that he was cursing me, all blogs and pinterest ideas.   But in his defense as far as husbands go he is always a champion for decorating the house and willing to spend money on it. What husband says, "We need a rug"? Mine. That's who. Pardon the mobil and things shoved under the cribs and the sofa. This was not a magazine photo shoot and I didn't feel like moving it all just for some pictures. Sue me.

See iheartorganizing for wall stencil tutorial

here you can see my vignette...where Turtle broke my sunburst mirror
and I'm too lazy to get replacement mirror glass

help....I need better more colorful throw pillows

Here is the where you can get this shit list:

- Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Passive
- Stencil Color: Behr's Seven Seas
- Sofa: Home Decorators
- Cribs: hand me down but PB Kids from 5 years ago
- Crib Sheet: PB Kids   Penelope Pink/Chocolate
- Changing Table: Ikea Hemnes
- Sunburst Mirror: Home Depot/Martha Stewart
- Curtains: previously owned Ikea that I lined with black out fabric
- Etsy Print: Otter Half by Panini Press
- Stencil: Cutting Edge Birch Forest Wall Stencil

I wanted to sew crib skirts myself but I just didn't feel like investing in them because once you drop the crib down they hang too low and look messy. I wanted to sew a changing pad cover but just didn't get around to it. And the room still needs a rug and some better pillows for the sofa but our checking account called and said it was hemorrhaging over this room. We love the couch and it's nice to both be able to sit on it when we are doing the night feeds. Except we sit on the floor most of the time because Harper has some reflux issues. Spitting up like she was in the Exorcist or something. I called and got her some Zantac and it has helped.

Enjoy! I'm super obsessed with the stencil wall for sure and everyone who sees it in person thinks its wallpaper.

The Housewife

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