Monday, November 19, 2012

The Ghost of The Housewife

Hi everyone. We've been trying to settle into our new "normal" for the past two weeks. Things with the twins have been going well as having two newborn babies can go. I don't think we were quite as prepared for how we would feel about #1's transition. She has really done as well as can be expected and I think it has truly been harder on the Turtle and myself. When she came to the hospital she seemed SO much bigger than when we left her. I felt like she turned four over night and I missed it. I had no qualms about picking her up when I was pregnant (even though everyone told me not to do it) but now she feels heavy to me. Most of the tears on Friday night were ours and not hers.

Turtle went back to work today. I had to take the twinkies to the doctor AGAIN for a weight check. Luckily, Turtle's Aunt came over to watch #1 for me while I took them. They seem intent on sinking their college funds in co-pays lately, but they finally surpassed their birth weights....hallelujah. I had big plans to blog the birth story today but I had two little party crashes who wanted to eat and eat some more. Then #1 woke up and that was that. I promise I will get it up soon and I will do a nursery post ASAP when I can.

I should probably be sleeping......but I'm not. Meh. I can tell you we have an un-godly amount of coffee stashed away in this house.

Miss y'all.
The Housewife

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