Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

First -- I did want to mention that The Housewife was induced today and we have babies! Finally! All are happy and healthy and I will let her feel better and tell the story in a few months when she has more than 5 seconds to herself.  I haven't seen them yet because she was originally trying for induction Friday and work has been insane this week so I am going tomorrow. 

It's been a long day so you get some fun stuff I've been thinking about. 

More boots! Sperry Shearwaters in Black
{shocker, I know.}

I kinda dig these black ones.  AND -- they are on sale for $68 on Piperlime.  I figure if I hate them I will just send them back and get the charcoal pair? I think I would like them a lot better and be able to commit if I could just put them on with a freaking outfit.  I can't visualize.  Anyone ever have that problem?

Tory Burch Amanda Crossbody

If I had a rich and loving boyfriend this would be on my Christmas list for him.  $225. You know the drill. 

Laura Mercier Pressed Mineral Powder

With summer long gone as well as my last bit of a tan it's safe to say my philosophy mineral powder has to go, too.  They just don't make a color to fit my pale winter skin.  After much debate I've moved to the Laura Mercier pressed mineral powder (not to be confused with the pressed powder) in the lightest shade they have. We are going for Ann Hathaway porcelain this winter.  $36.  {Got mine at Sephora/The Mecca.} 

I'll let you know if I manage to actually make a boot purchase before my plane leaves for NYC.  TDH called today and I swear he could read me the phone book in his dreamy accent and I would be utterly charmed.  

What are you loving? Christmas is coming! Tell!

Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~

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