Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Check In

Happy Friday, all! It's the Single Gal again. And it probably will be until further notice.  Obvs since the Housewife brought home two new adorable additions to her household it's going to be super cray over there until they get their new routine, schedule, and family life worked out.  I will try to get some small posts out of her for sure, but just going to the hospital for like an hour there seemed to be a lot of activity! And that was without #1 around. 

Things I'm pondering today....

...what does one wear to a doggy play date that's also a date? I'm supposed to meet my young man (dubbed The Italian Stallion/Rocky by my friend at work) and his dog at the park today with Hogan and I'm at a loss.  

...also, went to the movies last Saturday with Rocky.  He doesn't open car doors. BIG PROBLEM. I may have been a bitch about it. 

...20 days until NYC.  Arguably incredibly excited about this and seeing TDH as he opens doors.  All of them. All. The. Time. And more. 

...I made pumpkin chili last week and I will try to get that post up soon. It was awesome. And I still have tons left. It will feed an army. Or a Single Gal for 1.5 weeks. 

Oh -- I also bit the bullet and got those black Sperry boots. They were already on sale at Piperlime and then they did an additional 15% off this week.  So I did it.  It's not like I can't send them back so I am not sure why I am pretending this crisis means the end of the world. 

Little A is in town this weekend as well as Em.  We are having girls dinner with Elise at Canoe on Saturday night. I've been dying to go for years. I hear it is incredibly beautiful there and tasty! Review to come! 

I have to go clean up dog vomit and freshen up for the park.  

What are your weekend plans? 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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