Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Mornings

Happy Sunday, y'all!  How is the weekend almost over? I had a fun play date/date on Friday with Rocky where we met up at the park with our dogs {Hogan and Luna} and walked and talked and let them meet and play.  Hogan was a gentleman and very well behaved just like I expected him to be but Luna is still just a puppy so I am pretty sure it wore him out just hanging out with her for 2 hours! We let them loose in a baseball field {even though I can hardly get Hogan to come back so I can put his leash on} and it was fun for me to see him just run around and play.  Sometimes I forget how fast and athletic he is even though he is a 8 year old puppy.  It made me really happy to see him stretch his legs and run and bounce around.  I'm still not sure how I feel about Rocky.  He's been trying to play hard to get with me which just results in us hardly talking because I am not going to be texting anyone to ask for a date.  I don't get him.  

 It's a blissful morning here because I am up early getting some work done while Em and Little A are sleeping in.  I love having my girls here for a weekend!!!!  Hosting is so much fun!  We've been out and about visiting The Housewife and playing with #1 and holding new babies, drinking champagne "just because", and catching up with each other.  We had a wonderful dinner last night at Canoe {review to come} with Elise but we didn't get home until 11:30 or so {which is apparently now late if you are approaching 30}.  We had "big" plans to hit Little Alley Steak in Roswell for some after dinner drinks but there was no way that was happening.  I had coffee after dinner and once we got home we all promptly went to bed.  Funny how life changes. 

This morning I'm listening to...

I also picked up another book this past week. I needed to get my head out of that Outlander series for a bit.  I've been meaning to get the prequel to Cassandra Clare's YA series City of Glass {etc} and Em was kind enough to lend me her copy of Clockwork Angel. 

And once the girls get up we will having coffee and making pumpkin pancakes. 
Grabbed this recipe off of Pinterest and it's super easy and delicious! Great for family breakfast. 

*photo from website w/ recipe*

All this just means I am one of the happiest girls in the greater Atlanta area today! 
What do you with your girlfriends when they are in town? Traditions? Breakfast fare? I want to know. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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