Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I think I have survived at least part of the week by now.  I am scared because I have felt legit run down lately.  And not because I have been training for anything and working a crazy social schedule on top of that.  I should feel great other than the fact that work has been busy.  But I don't.  I went to bed early this week with a horrible migraine and do you know what started today...that little cough {cue The Housewife banning me from baby holding until January}. Ugh! I am going to have to start doping up on vitamins.  I can't be sick for New York!!! Or Thanksgiving!  

Anyway - Wednesdays are for love, not complaints. But let's all hope that this is just a small set back and nothing on a larger scale.  Send me the info on the cures you love for all your little coughs, etc.  I want them. 

So here we go. 

What I'm Loving

{warm fires}

*note photo of my dream living room, not actual living room*

the best thing about my house is that I thought enough to get a Single-Gal-friendly fireplace with gas logs. i know that it doesn't compare to the sound/smell/feel of a real fire but it sure is nice to flip a switch and get those gas logs roaring.  it's also Hogan's fave place to snooze in the winter. 

{dark nail polish}

this is one part i wish i could pull off all year but you tend to look a little cray if you have blood red nails all the time in july.  i'm still loving some sonia kashuk polish i got at target a couple years ago for my fall/winter color. i like #15 - stop whining.  i didn't think they still carried it at target but a quick internet search proved me wrong and its only $4.97.  

{cropped tweed jackets}

i would love a fancy cropped tweed jacket. i've been lamenting my lack of one in the closet since that first fall day but Single Gals have to prioritize.  sometimes even the "girl on a budget" section on piperlime seems pricey.  and while i have been doing much better at saving money i did a forever 21 run though the mall today and grabbed a black one.  it was $37.  i kind of love it.  no ootd yet but i will try to grab a photo. i envision it with my flare jeans like the photos all over pinterest.  you know, because i am unable to come up with an original idea for an outfit.  but if it works it works, right?

i tried to find a link online for the one i bought with no luck.  lamesauce. 

What are you loving? 

~the single gal~

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