Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Restaurant Review: Local Three Kitchen + Bar

Elise and I were able to schedule time for our last brunch of 2013 the last week of December and I wanted to do a follow up restaurant review for you guys because I adored and loved the new place we tried! 

We met up around noon to try out Local Three.  I first heard about Local Three from a friend of mine who had a fabulous dinner there sometime last year and it was put on my ever-growing list of places to eat in Atlanta.  As always, I figured what better time to try them out than for Brunch. {So predictable, I know.}

photo source here
photo source here


Three dudes own it that are local to Atlanta.  They have a philosophy on food as follows --  People Matter Most, Local Is Priority, Seasonal Makes Sense, Authenticity Rules, Quality Governs, Delicious Trumps, Pretense Stinks, Comfort Feels Good, Appreciation Tastes Better, Prudence Sustains It All.

If you are super into food you can scroll to the bottom of the following link to check out this video that blogger The Hungry Southerner did for them on their approach to food  and a video of their space.  

What I loved:

-They do a brunch buffet for a set price of $19.93. 
-The way the set up the buffet is they have you enter through the kitchen and you get to walk back on the line and pick out whatever you want. Super neat experience in my book. 

-Since it was a buffet I got to try pretty much everything on the menu which made me pretty happy since it was my first trip. 

-We had great service.

-They have a beautiful space.

-Everything I ate was really, really delicious. 

Middle of the fence on the following:

-Bottomless Mimosas - I loved that they had the option, but it was a little pricey at $16 odd dollars. {It was obvs a bargain for me and Elise because we may have had more than a few but only because the price of a single mimosa was harsh.} Form your own opinion. I just usually find bottomless bevs at places in Atlanta for less. 

Here was my only complaint - it was a bit hard to find.  It's actually located in the middle of this huge condo + living area off of Northside Drive so you can't see it from the street {so my GPS was telling me to turn and I'm looking at nothing resembling a place to eat} and you have to take an elevator from a parking deck down to a lobby building and then roll through this hallway to find the door.  Not terribly difficult and definitely not a deal breaker, its just that I wasn't prepared to wander around in the cold.

I would absolutely love to try this place for dinner.  I imagine its really great for dates, catching up with your girlfriends, etc.  I linked above so you can find all their menus and read their story.

Love you. Mean it.
~the single gal~

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  1. i've been for dinner...its good. sounds like i should make it a brunch outing before i move north!