Friday, January 4, 2013

Stream Of Consciousness

I keep promising the Single Gal that I will blog and she knows I am such a liar. Hoping to prove her wrong this morning. This will just be my random ramblings though.

The twins are 2 months old and they have finally been sleeping about 4 to 4 1/2 hours at night which is a godsend. Poor Harper has her first cold thanks to the Christmas Plague of 2012 -thank you pre-school germs. Turtle is the only one left standing (and Hadley). What can I tell you about life with twins? Um....we fill that diaper pail up in less than a day. Harper is on Zantac because she was spitting up like she was in the movie The Exorcist. We switched her formula to Enfamil AR which also curbs spit up but constipates the hell out of her. A constipated baby is not fun, especially from 2:30 am to 5 am. Word. It's hard to take them to the doctor's office by yourself.

Turtle has been home over the holidays and it felt like he was home for a month and I forgot how to take care of three kids two and under by myself. Cue the Housewife holding on to his leg and begging him not to go to work on Wednesday. I paid him back with some online shopping yesterday.

The Single Gal must feel sorry for our lack of sleep when she volunteers her services on a Saturday night to help with the babies so I can sleep off the sickness I have. Turtle maintains I didn't have the flu but I say F you to everyone and I had a touch of the flu. Or it was the WORST cold I've had in my whole freaking life. The urgent care peeps called for a follow up yesterday and I'm pretty sure my questions about the cough syrup lead the chick to believe I'm some crazy housewife with a hydro codon problem. What? I still have the damn cough and I'm about to run out of meds. I tried not taking it and that lead me down a bad path of hysterical hacking before bed.

#1 is completely hysterical. She knows Turtle and I drink coffee so she says funny things like, " I need my coffee." Or "I dreamed about coffee." The Single Gal really loves it when she tries to tell people Hogan bit her. I don't even know where she gets this stuff. She has to "tuck in" her toothbrushes and toothpaste in their drawer at night. They need a blanket and pacifiers; not to mention good night kisses. I will seriously have to video now that I have an iPhone.

I am glad J Crew is offering free shipping and returns on their swim lines this year so I can find the appropriate one piece to wear this summer. I'm not sure my stomach will ever be the same even after I lose weight and tone it up. Only time will tell. Turtle promises me my boob job and tummy tuck in a few years. I know, I'm vain. Whatev.

Babies are crying. I promise more pictures soon. Harper is a godzilla baby and looks like she will eat her petite sister any day now.

The Housewife

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