Tuesday, August 6, 2013

30 Going on 13...

Sorry I have been legit off the grid. New job is putting me through the ringer and last week I drove home on Wednesday with an awful migraine and ended up sleeping for 10 hours. I took that as my cue to take a step back and keep a low profile the rest of the week. I didn't even run again after that. 

I couldn't catch up this weekend because we had a girls trip to Savannah to visit with Little A and have a beach day.  

We had a super fun road trip down with Em and basically had a really low key weekend. We were wiped after the beach and spent the rest of our time drinking wine, talking, napping, watching girly movies and painting our nails. I'm pretty sure that we are so old that we have reverted back to a 13 year old girls weekend except for the fact that there were adult bevs involved. The Housewife and Em even braided my hair for me. Sadly, we had a bit of brunch and then hit the road back home. I wish so badly we could have had an extra day with Little A! We are usually better about being able to travel down to see her but it seems schedules have been tight this year. 

Pretty beach on Tybee Island! 

May be my fave IG yet. We had a lot of BLL. Or I did anyway. 

Practicing the Fishtail braid. My hair leaves a lot to be desired here but it was fun. Ask any 13 year old. 

Started a hairy Monday with a new mani. Always a plus. 

3 Putt watched the dogs this weekend so I came home to these pretties! He also prepped and help me finish a project for my master bedroom update before I crashed so that was nice too.  He has proven to be so handy I am counting light bulbs that need replacing and making a Home Depot list for the weekend.  He doesn't know about that yet, though. 

I've missed you guys! Hope your weekend was lovely and that another arrives soon! 

-the single gal- 

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