Monday, September 2, 2013

{back in 'Merica}

Or in Charlotte for now. But yay! The beach was amazing but I need Starbucks, online shopping, my bed, and puppies to squeeze. 

The Housewife saved the dog...I guess in our rush to leave we didn't send Hogan enough food. Oops. Many thanks to her for taking some to my Mother because we all know she'd never actually drive herself to my house to get anymore.

It was a bit nerve wracking to go on a trip with 4 other couples I had legit never met but I am happy to report everything went really well. Minor bits of sunburn. Major calorie overload. Late flights mean a long day at work tomorrow. Also I don't think I have ever spent this many consecutive hours in a row with 3 Putt and traveling can make me very tired and very "rawr". Pray for this last leg of my trip. 

I'll leave you with a fan favorite photo from my trip where I try to balance a coconut on my head. That's just how days go when alcohol keeps showing up by your beach chair. Sorry if you are emotionally scarred by the swim suit photo. 

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