Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone! I have finally poured myself a well-deserved glass of wine, finally found a few quiet minutes to paint my toenails, and finally have some time to sit and finish my book tonight.  Things are looking up.  I thought it might be fun to try a "Friday Five" post -- I'm not sure if there is a technical definition of that type of post but we don't like to take ourselves too seriously here (cite photo of me from September balancing a coconut on my head). 

1. It's clearly been a long, emotional week -- I saw these AE Jeggings were on sale from $49.99 to $29.99 and then they were including an extra 40% of the sale price.  I've been on the hunt for some skinny, distressed jeans so I dropped $19 in about 5 seconds to buy them. One problem -- these is a teeny bopper store and they only had sizes 6, 4, 0, and 00 left.  Obvs grabbed a 6 but let's wait for next weeks emotional update -- tears because pants don't fit.  

2.  I don't normally have wine obsessions because I usually have a few brands that I like ranging from $6.99-$22.00 that can be found in most grocery stores.  That being said -- while we dined at The Great Southern Cafe in  Seaside we ordered a bottle of Eberle Cabernet Sauvignon that was just wonderful! I was happy to search and find that the bottles are not crazy expensive. 

3.  ESPN Game Day is traveling to my beloved Athens, GA this weekend! I'm also excited that one of my favorite golfers and alumnae Bubba Watson will be one of the celebrity guests! Can't want to watch.  Hopefully the game will be just as enjoyable. 

4. Time to grind and enjoy high mileage with The Housewife until our race.  We have our first 12 miler tomorrow morning.  (So probably should only have one glass of wine. 

5. Someone also please come and stop me from wanting to eat turkey bacon at every meal.  You may have to pry it out of my hands. 

Enjoy your weekend, loves!

~the single gal~

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