Friday, September 6, 2013

Vacationing with your Significant Other (a Study by The Single Gal)

What a week! Why do the short ones always feel SO long. I imagine its because 3 Putt and I did not get home from our trip until 11 pm Monday night. Not the easiest of Labor Days spent with 12 hours of traveling. 

I tried to reflect a bit on our first real trip and the fact that because our schedules are completely opposite it was likely the first time we had ever spent a full week together 24/7. Granted, we did go with 4 other couples so there were buffers this time but still a lot of one-on-one.  We really had a fabulous trip.  Travel days were hard for me. I get frustrated really easily and foreign islands where I don't speak the language tend to create a lot of anxiety for me which creates a lot of stress. Cue my patience level decreasing by the second.  I think my only real time of frustration was after we went through customs in Charlotte. We were both tired. We both weren't really listening to the other and my claustrophobic tendencies were in high gear on our little connection flight to Atlanta.  I'd like to report that while 3 Putt may disagree I thought I held in my inner bitch really well. Because she was raging inside me on Monday.  Cue deep breaths and a quick stroll alone in the terminal before boarding. 

On the plus I will say its nice to travel with  my partner.  He hauled a lot of luggage, brought me food and drinks on the beach, made sure we took pictures, took care of parking and getting the car, and drove all the way to Mom's house the next day to retrieve Hogan. 

One BIG problem did occur. I must have aisle seats. I have to pee a lot. I can't deal with climbing over people. 3 Putt mandates window seats. So we may never sit together ever again on a plane. 

My next travel challenge? Scooping up one of the Housewife's small ones to ride in the car with me while I follow them for our beach vacation.  

What are your travel challenges? Can you make it with loved ones? Or do you need a seat between you on the airplane? 

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