Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guest Bedroom Updates (the poor person version(

We all knew it was coming...The Housewife finally retrieved her guest furniture I was holding in my guest bedroom.  This finally meant getting my act together and assembling my guest bed and finding some bedding. 

Instead of getting a hotel for his parents 3 Putt asked if they could use my guest room. No big. It's just in shambles right now. 

First stop -- put together ikea bed all by myself. 

Empty room! 

Little helper. 

No help. 

Set out all the pieces. Stop Pug Child from eating them. 

Almost had to stop because I couldn't hold the side beams up and screw them in at the same time. Enter basket from the bathroom! Single people can do furniture alone. 

Ok so I did need help moving the  mattresses. But here was the bed with some old stuff thrown on it. I had high hopes of being able to afford a nice new duvet and some pillows from west elm but its not in the cards since my car broke. 

But -- I randomly decided to peruse the home section at Target because I needed my third Euro pillow for my bed and I found a $70 Threshold duvet and shams marked down to $23.  I owed it to myself to take this home since I didn't totally hate it. Then I found some nice sheets marked down to $35. And then a big decorative pillow that was around $11.  Add in the cost of the bed and we have a makeover for just over $200. 

I don't love it. But it's fine for now. Sars on the blurry phone pic. 

Also moved the armoire because I am finally putting together my Ikea hack this week in my master bedroom. Yay! 

I'm hoping I will be a good blogger and link up some of these items at a later time. But if you want deets you can comment and I will email you. 

Feel free to find me some fun, tall nightstands if your are out and about. I don't even know where to begin on that. 

-the single gal-

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