Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pre-Vacation Housewife Nonsense

This post will be complete nonsense, as listed in the title. Feel free to stop reading here. Turtle had to go out of town this week for a few days and doesn't land until oh about 8:30 pm Friday night. The night before we leave for a week long vacation. The night before I have to run 10 miles with the Single Gal BEFORE we leave for vacation. Y'all poor Single Gal had a meet up with some concrete sidewalk on our night run this week. She's a bit pitiful with some scrapped up hands, knees and ankle. I can tell you she trips very gracefully and hopefully no one on the four lane road at 7pm noticed. I mean, they totes probably did but what can we do.

#1 is really taking it to me this week because she's going on almost 30 days without a nap. Please let her nap a few days at the beach! For all that is holy it is my vacation too. This is how it will go though, and I will be seriously pissed because we all know I just can't let it go that she doesn't nap. Even if we wear her ass out sometimes she won't take a nap. Labor Day weekend I took her to the pool to swim and she basically swims without a swimming aid while we are in the pool with/near her. She was so tired she asked me if she could wear her "swimmie." If that punk is asking me to put her swimmie on she is tired. TIRED folks. So I take her home and guess what? No nap. I realize I should be over it by now but I'm not. So y'all get over that. If she would just listen to me more I would be happier. She won't nap, fine. But I don't want to ask her forty thousand times to put her panties on after she gets off the potty.

Can we also talk about her imaginary play? I adore her imaginary play. However, there is a Mommy My Little Pony (a big one) and four small My Little Ponies. Do I even need to tell you what the "Mommy Pony" says to the small ponies? Oh just about everything that comes out of my mouth. I can only hope she's not saying anything the preschool teachers can construe as terrible home life problems.

#1 playing: "Okay little ponies, Mommy pony says you need to eat your dinner. If you don't eat your dinner she will be VERY upset."

On the bright side, the Single Gal and I have solidified our driving arrangements for the beach. Turtle will drive 3 Putt's car with one twin and we will drive the van with #1 and the other twin. The Single Gal better be sure we leave with Garth's Greatest Hits double disc album. Happy, Happy, Happy.

I have a good amount of things to get done between now and Friday night. I'm not sure how it's all going to be done. Turtle already tried to call me this morning and virtually micro-manage the packing and list making. I am an excellent list maker......just maybe not always 100% in executing the list timely. I bring a big game when packing for vacation though. I pack the car/tell Turtle where to put things. I am going to see how light I can pack for everyone. I know the clothes will be few because I have an OCD laundry issue, as in I have to run a load of laundry every day. I can't explain it.

I know nothing will matter when I hear the waves of the ocean, feel the breeze, smell that salt air, put my feet in the sand and visit with our family. Oh and Little A is staying 45 minutes away during the same time so we will get to see her maybe two days as well.

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