Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vacay Photo Dump

I figured I needed to do the photo dump for my first vacation before I go on my second! Kind of sad they ended up so close together but I need to really enjoy them as I will likely be working all the days until March (other than national holidays). 

Pretty breakfast on our patio for the first morning! We did quickly move to hitting the resorts amazing buffet the rest of the time we were there. 

Beach lounging. This was a lot of my day every day! 

Cocktails. Coconuts. Sunshine. 

Lunch spot on the beach. Mediocre food but incredible views! 

Pre-dinner drinks. Or post-afternoon drinking. 

Since I had no pets I enjoyed the flamingos and ducks. The resort would put old bread in bins so you could feed them. 

This guy was a bit aggressive about bread.  

Sweating it out every night for dinner. It was hot down there. But look at that handsome redhead! 

I really loved the lobby of the resort! 

3 Putt loved the pool! 

Lobby time so we could get wifi! 

Ok that's all I've got for Tuesday! 

-the single gal-

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