Sunday, September 29, 2013

Upcoming Projects {October Edition but posted in September...}

There's nothing better than expecting company to get your butt in gear to start showing your home some TLC, right? Here in The Single Gal House we do a pretty good job of not having dishes in the sink, fighting dog hair daily, keeping up with lots of clean laundry, clean toilets, clean floors, and countertops.  But -- there is still a certain amount of charm missing.   And a lot of unavailable funds.  And peak half-marathon training for the first half of the month + race weekend.  (I know that I mention this half marathon in every post I write, I'll try to stop.)

So, I'm going to post my October projects here.  This is for a few reasons -- a) 3 Putt can prepare for my psychotic behavior and need of boyfriend favors b) I can be held accountable c) I may need some feedback and for you to share you experience and ideas.  I realize the grammar in that last sentence is very questionable but we have no time for that here today people. 

1. Perk up the front porch.  This should be easy and cheap.  I stalked some great pumpkins at Kroger that were $4.99 each and looked at  some flowers.  I'd like to check prices and quality at Home Depot before I commit on that.  In my dreams I'd like to try another wreath -- but they always blow away, fall down and break, etc.  


2.  Keep up with weekly cleaning so I'm not insane the week before company actually arrives. 

3.  Nightstands for the guest room.  Must find something at Homegoods or Goodwill. I don't want this to be a strictly "Ikea Room".   Can someone also tell me why night tables are not the height of my knee? That is bullcrap. And too short.  We don't all have malm platform beds retailers! 

4. Hang up faux taxidermy pieces in guest room (aka ask 3 Putt to do this). 

5.  Jazz up guest bathroom/make comfy for guests.  This involves a new shower curtain, fixing the janky shower curtain pole, and stocking the cabinets with toiletry needs.  I like this curtain from Target.  Especially for under $16.  It could also use a toilet paper holder.  

6. Try to pull together a few other decor items for guest room -- new lamp shade? pictures? a mirror to hand above the dresser? cozy things? 

This list could likely grow but I think this is the bare-bones, necessity portion.  Seems easy enough once it's all written down, right? 

I'm kidding. Someone seriously help me.  

-the single gal-