Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in Review {Single Gal Nonsense}

I like how The Housewife thinks she has nonsense to deal with this week. Like she was the only one.  It was quite a week. 

I'm actually going to travel back in time a bit -- because when The Housewife and I were on our weekly long run last Saturday we found a $10 bill on the sidewalk. Pretty random because it wasn't even 8 am. No one was around. We picked it up. We didn't come across anyone looking for something. We cite this as a happy accident and decide it will buy our Starbucks. I give the leftover $4 to Stacy to buy something small for #1. 

I tell you that I am now convinced we were at some weird crossroads and there was nothing but the Devil in that $10 and I am being punished by the Universe for picking it up. 

I mean 3 Putt and I rarely argue about stuff but on Monday there was a BIG blowout that basically started over a bag of dog food.  I may have overreacted but remain firm that I had valid points in the battle as well as 3 Putt. 

Next run -- I fall 1 mile in. Legit wiped out on the sidewalk. Blood all over the palms of my hands, my knee, and my ankle. I obvs just let myself bleed because I wasn't about to ruin a cute running outfit and I wasn't about to skip my 4 miles so I just got up and kept running. 

(Warning -- graphic images to follow.)

Cue stinging hands for days. We are finally starting to heal though. 

Also -- I'm minding my own business and driving to work Wednesday morning. Then I notice my car is overheating.  You can imagine my joy. (I can't even with my summer car issues.) I have a friend look at it and we put some water in it and take it to the nearest shop.  It needs a new radiator. They tried to get me on board with some extra bullcrap but I declined and prayed nothing else would go wrong. And I paid my $373 and went home to put Neosporin on my hands. 

It's a good thing I didn't really like anything from the JCrew order I placed so I will be getting a refund for that.  The car repairs just compound my white girl problems because who knows when I can buy the new running shoes I need for this half marathon and my dreams of a pedicure before the beach this week have sailed. I mean I can't even spend $12 on more brow powder. I have to use old-ass eyeshadow that is too dark. 

Anyway, here is to getting out the kinks in life before vacation. I hope. 

-the single gal-

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