Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Obsessions

This weekend was another whirlwind, but with some precious little ones birthday celebrations and a quick trip to Milledgeville with The Single Gal, all is well. Friday night Turtle and I caught most of CNN's documentary "Blackfish" about the killer whales at Sea World. It was eye opening, heart-wrenching and astounding. Please watch this if you get the chance.

Blackfish Documentary

I got my family pictures back. I feel good about them but of course it definitely confirms I need to lose another 10 pounds. I have been lazy, not eating as well as I should and with a busy month its been hard to go to the gym as much as I like to. Here's one little peek........time for Christmas card mock ups!

I do not know how to watermark. I ask no one steal this picture please or at least link it back. All images are my property....blah blah. Photo credit Abby Hennington.

I think I'm going to order this cookbook today. It has great reviews on Amazon and I enjoy her blog as well. Turtle and I decided we don't want to get into the holiday season and not be conscious about what we are eating. Y'all know I hate cooking dinner because I feed the kids all day long and I really don't even care what I personally eat once I even have the chance to sit down. Turtle suffers from what Single Gal and I call, "Me man. Feed me. Meat and Potatoes.". We are going to try to be very Paleo/Grain free for a month. Turtle needs to eat more veggies and I need to focus on my water intake.


If I can just get through this week and be done with all the October activities! I have 48 hours to rig up some decorations for my trunk for the preschool "Trunk or Treat" event tomorrow night. Le Sigh. I am not a Halloween person. Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas please.

The Housewife

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