Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Five

Um, hey -- I know this is only my second one, but I'm kinda liking the "Friday Five" business! I enjoy wrapping up my week/day like this! 

1. I've been thinking a lot about what I've been reading in "The Happiness Project" (see prior post) and something happened today that aligned a lot of the information I've been plodding through.  Long story short this girl left our office and she had like the best cube real estate ever and I had been meaning for over a month to move all my crap over there.  Computer, files, papers, etc.  So, I come in today and the two admin girls had moved all my stuff after I left work.  Like they took the time to hang up my dog photos.  I was overwhelmed.  It's pretty much the nicest courtesy anyone has extended me in the professional world.  It was so simple but I will feel so grateful and happy every time I sit in my new spot! I need to focus on doing little things for others like this! Key - spreading happiness.  Do good. Feel good. 

2. I'd like to take a real moment and celebrate the success of keeping my summer plants alive all season! I'm still enjoying pretty views and relaxing mornings (when I make the time to actually SIT) on my patio! 

3.  About my leggings -- they came in the mail! (Yay mail).  I initially held them up and thought I would immediately have to give them to my three year old niece.  Because they looked about her size -- but lets take a moment this Friday to reiterate our love for STRETCHY PANTS.  I really like them! 

4. I've brought cottage cheese back into my daily food rotation.  I'm not hating it.  Do what you will with that tidbit. (and really the next)

5.  I've tried to ignore all Miley's antics of late....except I am super into her new song "Wrecking Ball".   I've linked the video -- let me also say that while I like the song the video is very distasteful in my opinion.  Not for children.  You've been warned. 

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