Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Randoms

So I guess I meant for yesterday's post to schedule on Monday instead of Wednesday when I originally wrote it.  Because -- hey sorry that I lied about that GAP discount.  

I agonized for most of the early part of the week over the guest room.  Over night stands.  Or a table.  Then I realized that was stupid.  I cannot make a decision on a room that I really have no plan/vision for yet.  It seemed much smarter to finally order the white desk I wanted to use as a side/night table in my bedroom and to then move the nightstand I am currently using into the other room.  Yep.  I feel like a genius.  

This is much more exciting than trying to force the guest room that sees like 5 guests per year. 

Target Hamilton X Desk 

As far as my resolution to not buy clothes I barely scraped through all the Columbus Day sales with my sanity.  I was even at TJMaxx the other day after looking for house stuff standing in the aisle holding a sweater.  I reviewed my budget and there was some extra cash which is going to my credit card.  Big. Girl. Panties.  I have them on.  Like a true addict I'm just trying to take this week by week.  Small goals rolled into big ones -- does that work for anyone?? 

As winter comes and I see all those poor bloggers lament about their dry skin and how they just whip out that La Mer cream (I mean seriously...) I really do feel like I need to jump on getting a humidifier and wait for it to rain Sephora gift cards so I can get philosophy Hope In a Jar everything.  All the jars. All the hope. Night and day creams. Masks.  Whatever they have.  I am looking raggedy.  I am 30. I need help. 

Ok. You get it. I know.  How is your Thursday? Someone give me some face cream you can swear by from the drug store.  

~the single gal~

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