Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five

1. I never watch TV and I needed another way to get some news other than Twitter.  So when I read about a site called The Skimm I was really intrigued so I signed up.  Basically two chick quit their jobs at NBC to launch the site.  Read about them here. It's a light-weight summary of some good political updates and goings on.  I get a quick email every weekday. And it explains the government shut down and other bits in layman terms.  I like it.  

2.  So I used to be all down on Marigolds because I thought they were gross plants that were stinky.  But -- the big one I bought is just pretty as can be and seems to be a hearty little plant that I can't kill.  I may just go buy another. 

3.  I'm prob going to be "that person" that is outside with her gold spray paint tearing up some baby pumpkins for a $6 tablescape.   Don't judge. 

4. The Housewife bought us matching tank tops to run our race in on Sunday.  Yep. We are super twins. 

5.  I don't feel at all prepared for this race but I do know that it will be fun! 

Happy Weekend everyone! 

~the single gal~

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