Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Five {single gal edition}

1.  New desk came in.  And I put it together all by myself! It took a while, and I did a lot of things backwards and had to re-do them, but I did it.  The desk makes me very, very happy. I really may call the bedroom makeover of 2013 a success.  Except that would mean I would need to finish it before January...which is so not happening. Don't judge my 9 pm decorating attempt. 

2. This needs no words.  Pretty much been laughing about this since Tuesday. 

Wrecking Ball Pug Halloween Costume

3. Tried these at home workouts this week.  They don't look that bad when you read them, but harder than I thought. 

4. Work was super stressful and I was an emotional basket case for no good reason this week. You do the math. (And pray for 3 Putt)

5.  Confession: I ordered 3 $20 long sleeved shirts from Zara last Friday.  

Happy Weekend Y'all!

~the single gal~

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