Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Things Your Husbands Think You're Crazy About

birthday parties
It's that time of year again where you become obsessed with Pinterest. Then you quickly bring yourself down to the reality of throwing a kids party that does not include a party planner and a million dollars. You remind yourself that the "Pancakes and Pajamas" invites have already gone out when your three year old says, "Right, Mommy......my "My Little Pony" birthday party." Ummm....no. We can invite the ponies. Maybe. I've had an epic fail on locating My Little Pony pajamas. Ordered Doc McStuffins. Husbands are all: "How many people are coming? When did you want me to build the dollhouse? Why are we building a dollhouse, can't you just buy those things? 

family pictures
The questions on these are endless. "Why does everyone need new clothes? How much are the pictures? We have to drive WHERE to take these pictures? What day are these pictures again? 
They don't realize how lucky you were to get a cancellation spot with a photographer that only charges $150 and not $450 ( I know they work hard but is that really a necessary amount?) because people usually "book these a year in advanced." The Christmas card is the culmination of my year. It takes two weeks of narrowing cards down to 30 prime choices, layouts, colors and fonts. Then mocking up no less than 10 designs and pestering Single Gal about which one looks the best. Then your husband sees the charge for the 75 cards, return labels and your email request that he go wait at the post office to pick up Holiday stamps. To which he will always respond with, "Why can't we just use regular stamps?" 

the fall birthday party circus 
These are the parties you have to attend which could be anywhere from one party per weekend to coordinating three parties, your half marathon race number pick up in Athens, helping Baby Sis register and actually running the half marathon. Everyone has a fall birthday......not sure what to tell him. 

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